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Holistic approach of 'one truth at one single place' with SAP BI/BO

Insurance companies are confronted to comply on short notice with statutory reporting requirements such as Solvency 2 or IFRS 4. When looking at solutions the discussions turn very soon around to a broader need to have one insurance or company wide data warehouse. The descison makers of insurance/reinsurance companies need ‘one truth at one single place’ as accurate and updated data which are crucial for the top management and auditors to trust in the right figures. Each responsible of an insurance company dealing with this topics is very soon confronted with the reflection about a unique or single insurance data and business model.

We at msg global are providing Insurance Analytics based on SAP. We are not only looking to the current SAP solutions BI (Business Intelligence) and BO (Business Objects) but are also looking to new upcoming technologies like SAP HANA or Sybase. Our service offering in Insurance Analytics comprises: