Profitability Analysis and Performance Management for Banking

What if there were a non-invasive way to enhance your analytical capabilities – if you could source tens of millions of records from multiple source systems into a single platform and generate calculated results in seconds, or reports in minutes? Would this make your operations more effective? Or if your risk calculation models could support on-the-fly modeling and simulation? Would this help you to meet your risk management or regulatory requirements?

We co-developed a leading performance management solution for financial services. Our consultants are uniquely qualified to help your company explore the benefits of a revolutionary performance management solution. This solution provides key data with near real-time processing that banks require for profitability, efficiency and risk management as well as product pricing on a granular transaction level including portfolio level planning.

Benefits of Performance Management
  • Built-in and Fast Data Reconciliation

    Rapidly consumes and processes large volumes of data with a federated data management system.
  • Quick Implementation

    Jump-start implementation with minimal disruption to business landscape using predefined sample content.
  • Modeling and Multi-Year Simulation

    Comprehensive planning, forecasting, cost & revenue allocations with multi-year simulations and predictive analysis.
  • Short Performance Runtime

    In-memory processing in near real-time for fast analytics on billions of transactions.
  • Deployment Option Flexibility

    Standalone with HANA, BE/BPC, GL, and/or FRDP and high-speed direct access to SAP, Non-SAP databases.
  • Real Time Granular Reporting

    Content accelerator for initial configuration and real-time reporting with approval workflow for monitoring activities, processes, administration and system reports.
  • Parallel Math Computations

    EBA Stress Test Top-Down Simulation of Core Capital, Balance, P/L and Credit using complex math formulas in a highly parallel and fast computation.
  • Flexible Rules and Logic Execution

    Standard FTP sample content covering a large variety of complex product dependent rules and logic.
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Quick Implementation to Empower Improvement

Our consultants can help you easily address common implementation issues and empower your company to continually improve performance with robust analytics.
Allows seamless data travel by combining finance and risk data which have evolved separately over time, or balance sheet, P&L Budgeting and planning / forecasting integration.
Multiple Data Sources
Micro-level Data Reporting
Increase Transparency
Services and Solutions

While SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) is our premier solution for the Banking market, we also offer a range of solutions and services to help global banks meet business challenges including front-end/user experience, billing and IoT data management. 

Analytics Solutions
  • Business, Planning & Consolidation SAP BPC
  • Internet of Things Analyzer msg.IoTA
  • SAP Business Objects BI
  • SAP Business Objects Data Services
Application Management
Business Solutions
Customer Solutions
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