Business Transformation at Company XYZ with SAP Reinsurance Solution

Customer story overview 100 words. For example. Reinsurance is complicated. Not only is it a very specialized field but the technical requirements to efficiently manage the complex transactions require both business and IT acumen. msg global solutions provided just that at a recent engagement at Company XYZ. Looking to effectively manage their new reinsurance division, Company XYZ needed guidance to implement a holistic approach to speed up the close process, eliminate as much manual intervention as possible and develop a modernized system platform to handle growth and expansion.


Project Details


  • Diverse international business processes, each developed in isolation and driven by system needs
  • Dispersed and disparate data with many control checks
  • Highly complex integration involving a vast array of systems
  • The integration of numerous legacy owned and built applications


The global msg implementation team:

  • Integrated processes driven by business needs not system constraints
  • Restructured data storage based on a consistent data model
  • Eliminated numerous legacy systems through rationalized integrations
  • Implemented coherent technology & reporting strategy leveraging a “SAP & Microsoft Shop”
  • Modernized software solutions with standard up-to-date SAP and msg applications


  • Fast implementation ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Successful  multifaceted SAP transformation replacing a multitude of legacy systems and
    integrating data conversions from 27 different systems
  • Centralized operations, standardized master data and eliminated hundreds of business applications  
  • Created  a modern platform with increased opportunity for operational excellence

Why msg global

  • Strategic focus on the reinsurance market
  • Long-term commitment to a stable, efficient platform
  • Ability to effectively manage complex international system transformations
    with multi-regional locations
  • Global leadership in the Reinsurance industry thanks to strategic long term partnership with SAP


6 Months

Ahead of Schedule 


Business Transformation Through System Modernization


Teamwork Across the Globe

“Quote: We very much would like to thank msg global for your hard work, outstanding commitment and remarkable contribution to the success of the project. With your help, we were able to land ahead of schedule giving the corporation a broad range of new opportunities towards operational excellence and a modern backbone for other lines of business."

Joe Smith, CIO, Company


State, USA


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