Multi-GAAP Reporting
for Insurance

Insurance Accounting

Establish a standardized central database using Financial Products Subldeger (FPSL) to streamline integrated processes across operational, actuarial, and financial domains. And deliver timely, consistent, and accurate financial information for all Multi-GAAP reporting standards.

Key Capabilities Financial Products Subledger

  • Multi-GAAP, Multi-entity, Multi-currency Subledger
  • Full Transparency & Traceability
  • Built for High Transaction Volume
  • IFRS & US-GAAP Content
  • Centralized Accounting Engine for Valuation & Calculation
  • Inbound/Outbound System Agnostic
  • Flexible, Modular Capabilities
  • Seamless S/4HANA Integration

Accelerate the
Financial Close Process

Reduce reporting time with rule-based accounting logic for a faster close and better transactional documentation. Gain full audit trail visibility with end-to-end control over accounting calculations and journal postings.

Multi-GAAP Functionality

Manage compliance with key regulatory and reporting requirements, including IFRS 9, IFRS 17, and US GAAP. Consolidate the accounting and valuation of all GAAPs within a centralized subledger for effective management, analysis, and explanation of differences.


Manage and control your regulatory compliance and reporting more efficiently. FPSL contains built-in content to manage ever-changing regulations and provides an audit-proof framework to document and trace accounting transactions to source systems.

Long Duration
Targeted Improvements

Manage US GAAP LDTI calculations and reporting requirements for ASU No. 2018-12. Learn more about how companies can use Financial Products Subledger for LDTI by clicking the link below.

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Don't go it alone. Embarking on any system implementation can be overwhelming. But, with an experienced partner by your side, you can mitigate risk and learn the software from the most knowledgeable Financial Products Subledger resources in the world

SAP FPSL Eco Delivery

Packaged Content Solutions

Proven Best Practice Solutions for E2E Implementations

SAP FPSL Enablement Workshops

Consulting Expertise

Technical & Functional Project Consulting Support and AMS

SAP FPSL Team Houston

Program Accelerators

Solutions Developed to Accelerate Different Project Phases

SAP FPSL Application Management Services

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Tailored Training Programs for Project Teams & End Users

SAP FPSL Application Management Services

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Landscape Setup System Installation & BASIS Support

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We are a consulting, implementation, and managed services provider that helps companies improve their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities utilizing SAP® technology and our innovative solution development.


FPSL Services

Enablement Program

Learn the areas of Financial Products Subledger that interest you most. Get up to speed quickly or deep-dive into the system.

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FPSL Services

Application Management Services (AMS)

Preventative, corrective, and evolutionary support that ensures your investment will meet your needs now and in the future.

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FPSL Services

Technical System Services

A stress-free system setup and maintenance service to support your project journey. Don't take the risk. Let the experts get you up and running.

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FPSL Services

Eco Delivery IFRS 17 Subledger

An efficient, low-cost implementation methodology for IFRS17 with Financial Products Subledger.

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FPSL Services

LDTI Implementation Services

Manage US GAAP LDTI calculations and reporting requirements for ASU No. 2018-12 with Financial Products Subledger's configurable LDTI content.

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