SAP Sustainability Control Tower

Take control of your sustainability data.

Record, report, and act to improve your sustainability performance.

Create single point of truth for all company's environmental, social, and economic activities and initiatives. Manage different reporting requirements, compliance, and regulatory disclosures based on a holistic view across all company levels.


  • Easy import of data from different sources and solutions
  • Gain efficiency with more automated uploads and updates of data
  • Manage a high quantity of data on different levels across the company
  • Consolidate sustainability-related data at one single point within the company
  • Improve data quality


  • Create reports based on real-time data
  • Elevate efficiency by using available sustainability-related sample content
  • Respond fast to reports based on different demands from different stakeholders
  • Prepare audit-ready reports
  • Meet regulatory requirements and alignment


  • Gain insights to determine sustainability-related ambitions and goals
  • Use what-if scenarios to enable accurate data-driven decisions in planning
  • Act upon identified risks and opportunities to create short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans
  • Create ambition and set customized sector and company-specific targets 
  • Monitor performance and determine actions to improve

Comply with mandatory regulations

and advance sustainability using the best practices

Global corporate sustainability reporting frameworks 

  • Elevate the relevancy of reporting by using internationally relevant reporting frameworks (GRI, TCFD, CDP, SASB)
  • Empower reporting aligned with sector-specific recommendations (SBTi)

EU regulatory requirements 

  • Ensure alignment with current regulatory requirements (CSRD, EU Taxonomy)
  • Create auditable reports aligned with the recommendation from the European Commission

Elevate efficiency with ready-to-use predefined content.

EU Taxonomy
  • Assess EU Taxonomy at the company level to determine eligibility and alignment for environmentally sustainable activities and calculate Turnover, Capital expenditure (CapEx), and Operational expenditure (OpEx)
  • Report on the portfolio invested in activities aligned with the EU Taxonomy 
Energy Transition Management Towards Net-Zero
  • Determine emission reduction ambitions of transitioning to renewable energy and energy efficiency, including the analysis of energy transition projects from financial and environmental impact
  • Enable detailed calculation of GHG emissions in line with GHG Protocol for Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 and define near-term and long-term target setting aligned with SBTi Net-Zero Standard
Production Quality and Sustainability Management
  • Enable insight into the holistic analysis of carbon emissions, and resources consumption attributable to products, production orders, work centers, and production activities
  • Evaluate GHG emissions, electricity consumption, gas consumption, and water consumption to elevate the performance of sustainable manufacturing, supported by what-if simulations and analysis 
Value Chain Sustainability Management
  • Assess the company’s sustainability in operations and across the value chain with reference to Corporate sustainability reporting frameworks
  • Enable analysis of GHG emissions in line with GHG Protocol and other environmentally-related KPIs during the product life cycle
Financing and Investment Sustainability Management
  • Determine portfolio financial assets towards sustainable investments 
  • Create a report on investments’ economic, environmental, and social performance, strategies, and regulations

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