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SAP for Insurance and SAP for Banking Training Academy

Our clients regularly ask us about developing and training their own staff in our consultancy services and implementation projects. We at msg global support this by planning and managing tailored training and development programs to specification together with our clients.

We develop and conduct specific training and development programs for all relevant modules in the SAP for Insurance and SAP for Banking suites – including but not restricted to FS-Policy Management (FS-PM), FS-Claims Management (FS-CM), msg.Product Management (msg.PM), FS-CD, FS-ICM, and FS-CRM.

We consider training and development to be important implementation activities even in the very early stages of the project, and work with clients to assure, wherever necessary, that their own staff members come up to speed in knowledge and capability for inclusion in our implementation projects.

Target groups for our training & development programs vary from end users through business analysts and developers to management.

We work together with each individual client on developing an ideal training program. Each module usually consists of three training levels.

Our training programs are typically developed as
o    Generic training
o    Role-based training
o    Process-oriented training
o    Technology training

We use one-on-one and group training methods, which usually take place at the client...