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The Unified Innovation Approach

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Inspired by a test kitchen, at Cookhouse Labs, we create and facilitate a global innovation community to tackle business challenges through collaboration and co-creation with our Unified Innovation Program.

The Unified Innovation Approach

Unified innovation is about breaking down silosfostering collaboration, and creating a synergistic approach to innovation. We recognize the value of cross-functional teams, knowledge sharing, and the importance of adaptability in the innovation process.

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Our Mission

Empowering collaboration to fast-track digital innovation and customer experiences.

Our Vision

To foster and encourage new business models, products, and services to revolutionize digital experiences.

The Value of
Unified Innovation

The Unified Innovation Program is an innovative service of msg global’s Cookhouse Labs. Clients receive 12 months of exclusive access to community events, training, collaborative co-creation sprints, and credits for tailored innovation services designed to meet their specific needs. The program integrates various elements of innovation processes, practices, and methodologies into a cohesive and coordinated whole by combining bespoke innovation services with access to a global innovator community.

Innovative Solutions

A Unified Innovation approach operates at the crossroads of people, business, technology, and ingenuity to craft tactics and innovative solutions that generate tangible new business value.

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Strategic Alignment

Ensure that innovation efforts align with your overall strategic goals and objectives.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Collaborate across departments and with external partners to leverage diverse skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Comprehensive Problem Solving

Address challenges or opportunities from multiple angles, considering various approaches and using the power of co-creation.


Support processes, integrate technology and manage your workforce to improve business performance.

Human Centered

Design solutions by prioritizing the specific needs, preferences, and experiences of the end-users.

Integration of Technologies

Incorporate various technologies, tools, or platforms to streamline and enhance problem-solving efforts.


Check out the latest offerings at Cookhouse Labs. Gain access to in-person and virtual community events, specialized training sessions, and collaborative co-creation

Cookhouse Labs Introduction to Design Thinking

August 13

Intro to Design Thinking

Online Event

Join us for a complimentary session where we unravel the magic behind Design Thinking.


Cookhouse Labs Train the Trainer Masterclass

August 14-15

Bootcamp 2024

In-person Toronto & Online

Join our annual Bootcamp in collaboration with the University of Toronto. 


Cookhouse Labs SummerHack 2024

Date TBD

SummerHack 2024

In-person Toronto/Ultrecht & Online

Register for more information SummerHack 2024 with a focus on Generative AI.


Cookhouse Labs Train the Trainer Masterclass

August 20

Lego® Serious Play®

In-person Toronto

Experience a groundbreaking approach to problem-solving in our innovation session


What's in it
for you?

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Unified Innovation Program participants receive exclusive access to community events, training, collaborative co-creation sprints, along with credits for tailored innovation services designed to meet your specific needs.

What Our
Community Says

Innovation Served
with Our Global Community

Since our beginnings in 2017, we have co-created and collaborated with our members and global community of insurance, reinsurance, brokers, startups, vendors, and academia to make innovation better.

Innovation Sprints
Startup Collabs
Pop-up Labs

Be Part of Our
Unified Innovation Program

Our Unified Innovation Program provides tailored innovation services to help your organization de-risk innovation, overcome the obstacles of the innovation process, and guide you to a successful outcome.

Reach out to personalize your program!

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