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Serving innovation to make the future better.

What is our mission at Cookhouse Labs?

At Cookhouse Labs, we create a global innovation community that tackles current and future industry challenges through co-creation, collaboration and open communication. Inspired by a test kitchen, Cookhouse Labs is a collaborative space for innovative chefs, Tastemakers, and taste-testers to create recipes, infuse flavours, and experiment beyond boundaries. Our community of innovators and subject matter experts is the key ingredient in the ideation process, empowering and integrating a global collection of human-centric focused ideas with Design Thinking to serve innovation across all industries.

Our Mission

To share and collaborate. To design and create. To accelerate innovation and prototyping of digital experiences. To create a holistic digital ecosystem and customer experience.

Our Vision

To foster and encourage co-creation and ideation to generate new business models, products, and services. By shifting from a traditional way of thinking to a more human-centered way of thinking, we aim to collectively develop an ecosystem of digital excellence and strive to make the future better.

Our Work With Our Community

In collaboration with our global community of like-minded people who are bothered to look into world challenges across all industries, we co-create solutions to make the future better.


an ecosystem for international collaboration between cross-industry innovators and subject matter experts


in understanding customer needs to ideate practical solutions within your industry


digital prototypes through innovative use of technology and Design Thinking to accelerate human-centric innovation


startups and young talent, connecting them with our global community through mentorship programs and collaborative projects

What's Cooking

Check-out the latest offerings on the Cookhouse Labs' menu.

  • October 12

    Train the Trainer Masterclass
    In-person, Toronto

    Elevate your coaching style and way of facilitating innovation sprints. Allow your innovation coaches, managers, and innovation leaders to expand their knowledge on the topic and learn new skills.

  • October 17

    Introduction to Design Tools

    Join our free intro to explore the top 7 tips to create a mockup and what to consider when choosing the right Design tool.

  • October 18

    Design Thinking Masterclass
    In-person, Toronto

    Design Thinking is a mindset and a process that helps you solve real industry problems by developing customer-focused solutions in a short amount of time.

  • October 24-26

    Co-creation Sprint
    In-person, Toronto

    This sprint is all about collaboration. Participants are part of an entrepreneurial team that works together to solve an interesting and timely problem. Stay tuned for more info.

  • October 31-November 3

    Co-creation Sprint
    In-person Netherlands

    Join us in The Netherlands to explore the most critical challenges using Design Thinking and develop real solution blueprints with some of the world’s top insurance organizations!

  • November 2

    Lego® Serious Play® methodology
    In-person, Toronto

    Experience a groundbreaking approach to problem-solving in our innovation session, introducing the revolutionary LEGO® Serious Play® methodology to Cookhouse Labs.

  • November 7

    Design Tools Masterclass
    In-person, Toronto

    Learn about fundamental Design Tools and which ones suit your business needs, which are the most challenging and the easiest to use. Our UX/UI designer will walk you through the process of choosing the right tools.

  • November 21

    Google Sprint Masterclass
    In-person, Toronto

    Explore what you can accomplish using Google Sprint and learn how to ensure you keep solving problems in just five days.

  • December 5-6

    Train the Trainer Masterclass

    Elevate your coaching style and way of facilitating innovation sprints. Take advantage of the opportunity to allow your innovation coaches, managers, and innovation leaders to expand their knowledge on the topic and learn new skills from our Innovation Coaches.

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What Our Community Says

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Become a Member

We also offer intro sessions that provide professionals with the opportunity to experience our Cookhouse Labs methodology and a sneak peek at what it’s like to co-create and collaborate with our global community. If you are not a Cookhouse Labs member and are interested in finding out more, check out our membership benefits!

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