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Sustainability Report Validation with AI

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Sustainability is the goal, but is self-reporting a reliable metric? Create assurance and validate sustainability reporting with msg.Greenwashing Detector. Leverage the latest AI technology from SAP to identify inconsistencies by analyzing data from corporate disclosures, verified public claims, social media, and other online sources.

Detect Discrepancies

Identify business partners and companies that may be misrepresenting their ESG commitments.

Predict Outcomes

Assess the likelihood of a company meeting its net zero goals based on historical emission data and validate the feasibility of these goals.

Benchmark Performance

Enable comparisons of a company's sustainability efforts against industry standards and competitors.

Who can

Sustainability is an increasingly complex topic requiring due diligence and proactive strategies to assess third-party relationships, monitor activities, and create awareness.

Analyze existing and potential suppliers, do a self-assessment, and reduce the risk of legal pledges and penalties.

Financial Services
Analyze and assess investment risk portfolios and perform ESG due diligence on potential investment opportunities.

Reinforce regulations by detecting greenwashing and issuing fines and penalties.

Perform auditing processes in an efficient and accurate way.

Minimize the risks by assessing their potential clients.

Simple As
One, Two

How does it work? Simply upload a sustainability report and net zero commitment documentation to the AI interface. The solution analyzes all the uploaded documents and provides an easy-to-evaluate report.

Common inconsistencies detected:

  •   Lower emissions than benchmarked companies by total, intensities, scope, and category.
  •   Consistent emissions decrease while competitors are struggling
  •   Emissions reduction across time when production and sales keep growing and no offset projects or carbon credits bought.
  •   Net Zero targets compared with emissions tendency + Capex invested in emissions projects to see if they align with the claims tendency
  •   Unrealistic offset claims


Want to gain a clear advantage in sustainability initiatives? The msg.Greenwashing Detector combines AI and advanced analytics to detect potential greenwashing in sustainability reporting. Evaluate historical data, extract future plan analysis, and analyze carbon offset feasibility.


Historical Carbon Emmission Evaluation 

  •   Analyze current and historical carbon emissions
  •   Carbon emission tendency analysis
  •   Net Zero path analysis
  •   Commitment analysis using emissions exploration


Extraction & Analysis of Plans

  •   Summary of sustainability plan by scope and categories
  •   Expected objectives and reductions


Carbon Offset Plan Analysis

  •  Net emissions calculations by commitment year with reduction project offsets
  •   Evaluate missing emissions offset feasibility to reach net zero
Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2024 SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner

As a long-standing SAP partner, we are proud to receive the AI Innovation Award for our  Greenwashing Detector. Based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), the solution uses AI and advanced analytics to detect greenwashing in sustainability reporting.

Award Winning

SAP selected the msg.Greenwashing Detector for a 2024 Pinnacle Award. This distinguished award recognizes top-performing partners who have excelled in helping customers become best-run businesses.

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