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Sharpen the Pencil
On Possibilities

Innovation revolves around the exploration of familiar elements in order to create new outcomes or discover more effective approaches to tasks and processes. 

"The Art of Probable" is an innovative service that goes beyond the realm of what can be done, by emphasizing what should be done, empowering organizations to unlock untapped possibilities and implement realistic and impactful solutions based on a deep understanding of their needs and goals.

Our Approach

  • Human-centric co-creation 
  • Leveraging data-driven decision making
  • Focus on "what should be done"
  • Iterating through prototyping and testing
  • Create a Minimum Viable Product
  • De-risking innovation

vs. Probable

Everything that is possible is not necessarily probable. Something that is possible can happen but is not likely to happen. Something that is probable can happen and is likely to happen.

We Empower

With our innovation approach "The Art of Probable" we navigate your company to quantify optimization opportunities, develop innovative insights, and work to gain a competitive edge in your industry.


Specialized knowledge and experience in innovation and technology help in identifying your growth opportunities and developing innovative business models tailored to your specific needs.


We streamline your innovation process, resolving bottlenecks and saving time and resources.

Competitive Advantage

Our services empower you to differentiate yourself in the industry, gaining a significant edge and attracting new customers.


Our external perspective helps overcome biases, evaluating strengths and weaknesses to create effective strategies.

Mitigate Risk

We mitigate risks associated with innovation, identifying potential pitfalls and implementing strategic plans.

Challenge to Solution in Four Weeks

Our service takes a mix of a design and architecture thinking approach and combines it with our technical and business expertise. Define, design, develop, and deploy the solution that meets your specific needs with a team that can guide you through the entire process.

Blue Sky Exploration

01 Explore [4-6 Hours]

The goal of the EXPLORE phase is to discuss business challenges and evaluate high-value, innovative use cases that address real needs and can be implemented using accessible technologies.

  • Explore and analyze current and future challenges and link them to strategic business goals
  • Develop a list of strategic pain points or use cases
  • Set Preferred Value Targets

Solution Design

02 Design [1-2 Days]

By combining design thinking and architecture thinking, we build on the explore phase to gain a deep understanding of user needs and leverage this knowledge to co-DESIGN a tailored solution concept.

  • Gain deep understanding of specific needs
  • Ideate, design and test a solution concept using a human-centred approach
  • Define a solution architecture
  • Quantify probable value

MVP Creation

03 Create [2-4 Weeks]

Building on the explore & design phases we create an MVP in 2 to 4 weeks using standard software components. The MVP CREATION is a functional solution with essential features that deliver value and provide feedback for further development.

  • Co-create a Minimum Viable Product
  • Test the MVP to gain deep insights
  • Iterative improvement based on user feedback
  • Mitigate risk and potential failures early

What Happens

Based on the results of the MVP testing phase, our experts can help you develop or implement the required software solutions to improve your productivity and performance. Or you are free to take what you have learned for an in-house implementation.

Solution Delivery

Hit the ground running with a clear plan to realize the technical solution and extract value based on the minimum viable product you created.

  • Implement the selected new product or service
  • Deploy and scale new product or service
  • Minimize standard implementation risk with clearly defined goals and objectives

Our Expert

Individuals who have gained experience working with start-ups, innovation labs, and high-growth settings, our team possesses a diverse range of expertise.

From human-centered design, advanced analytics, and software engineering to digital CX, our team members are adept at understanding your needs and crafting impactful solutions that help you to realize your vision.

msg global ibeth ramos

Innovation Coach

Provides facilitation, innovation methodologies, and goal alignment, empowering individuals and teams to unlock their creative potential and develop customized innovation strategies.

msg global oliver greiner

Solution Architects

Provides software & data architecture to full-stack development to accelerate innovation and design solutions for quick prototypes and MVPs.

msg global oliver greiner

Functional Consultants

Provides business acumen, industry insights, and technical experience to help you conceptualize, create, and test a Minimum Viable Products ensuring you realize your goals.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2024 SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner

As a long-standing SAP partner, we are proud to receive the AI Innovation Award for our  Greenwashing Detector. Based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), the solution uses AI and advanced analytics to detect greenwashing in sustainability reporting.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2023 SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner

As a 2023 SAP Pinnacle Award Winner, msg global is recognized for its innovative partner-developed industry-cloud solution with strategic importance for our joint customers that complements SAP's industry cloud portfolio and the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2020 SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner

We are honored to have received the Solution Extensions Partner of the Year - Digital Core Award for the development of complementary software that provides technological innovation, market impact, and demonstrates business impact for the customer.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2019 SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner

We are honored to have received the Industry Innovation Award for delivering industry solutions that complement the SAP portfolio and fulfill customers' needs, such as SAP Profitability and Performance Management and SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger.

We believe SAP provides the best enterprise software to help companies transform data into actionable insights.

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