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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


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Sustainability Performance

SAP Sustainability Control Tower creates a single point of truth for environmental, social, and economic activities and initiatives. Unlock the power of data to record, report, and act on all your sustainability goals.

Sustainability Management

Manage different reporting requirements, compliance, and regulatory disclosures based on a holistic view across all company levels. Leverage predefined integration to pull data from SAP and other systems, easing data collection and allowing you to centralize all relevant data in one place.

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Consolidate sustainability-related data at one single point within the company

  •   Easy data import from different sources and solutions
  •   Gain more efficiency with automated data uploads and updates
  •   Manage a high quantity of data on different levels across the company
  •   Improve data quality


Create reports based on real-time data

  •   Elevate efficiency by using available sustainability-related sample content
  •   Respond fast to reports based on different demands from different stakeholders
  •   Prepare audit-ready reports
  •   Meet regulatory requirements and alignment


Monitor performance and determine actions to improve

  •   Gain insights to determine sustainability-related goals
  •   Enable accurate data-driven decisions in planning with what-if scenarios
  •   Identify risks and opportunities to create short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans
  •   Set customized sector and company-specific targets

Bring the Data
Build the Reports

Create auditable reports that ensure alignment with standard regulatory requirements and lay the framework to meet your sustainability goals. SAP Sustainability Control Tower is ready-made with built-in global reporting frameworks and regulations. Import data from any source and harmonize disjointed data from multiple sources.

EU Taxonomy

Optimize your sustainability strategy with EU Taxonomy compliance.

Financing & Investments

Gain investment portfolio insights and make informed decisions aligned with sustainability goals.

Net-Zero Energy

Drive your energy transition toward net-zero with effective energy management.

Reporting Frameworks

Use internationally relevant reporting frameworks (GRI, TCFD, CDP, SASB).

Production Quality

Enhance production quality and sustainability management with comprehensive insights.

Regulatory Requirements

Ensure alignment with current EU regulatory requirements (CSRD, EU Taxonomy).

Value Chain Management

Generate higher profits and improve sustainability across your value chain with effective management.

Auditable Reports

Create auditable reports aligned with recommendations from the European Commission.

Simplify & Accelerate
Sustainability Reporting

Aggregate data, calculate KPIs, and maintain all sustainability-relevant information in one place to manage performance across the value chain. Depending on your focus, we can tailor our services to your precise needs with our rapid delivery content packages.


Sustainability Reporting Core (SRC)

Built on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework and includes over 200 quantitative KPIs within the environmental, social, and governance domains to produce comprehensive sustainability reporting.

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Sustainability Reporting Scope 3 (SR3)

Built on the Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) includes 12 out of 15 of the relevant categories to accelerate sustainability reporting with predefined templates and reports.

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ESRS Content Package

Designed to facilitate the process of structuring the report according to the European Sustainability Reporting Standards for companies to comply with the current European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)..


Sustainability Reporting

We understand your journey towards sustainability. We've got you covered, from meeting reporting requirements to sharing data across value chains. Watch the video to learn more about Sustainability Reporting packages.

An End-to-end Process
In Four Simple Steps

Our system follows a four-step process to gather and build a complete sustainability reporting system in three months. Sound too good to be true? Let us show you how.

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Define the Data Points

Create requirement templates based on client’s organizational structure and define master data.

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Source and Automate Data Sets

Integrate or deliver target raw input data for upload to Sustainability Control Tower.

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Check and Process Data

Check input data for calculation readiness, execute predefined process data workflows, and define required KPI results.

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Produce Desired Reports

Generate non-financial KPIs reports, including data-related explanations.

Tailored to Your Needs

The sustainability topic can be overwhelming, a step-by-step approach can get you on the right track. The key to success is pinpointing your precise needs and letting our advisors develop the best strategy. For more information on our Advisory Services, click the link below.

Our services

sap strategic consulting

Strategic Consulting

Expert advice to align & achieve your sustainability goals across strategic, tactical, & operational levels.

sustainability reporting


Create reports using predefined templates and enable data traceability for audit purposes.

big data data collection

Data Collection

Implement efficient data collection systems and processes to ensure data accuracy.

knowledge transfer Enablement Workshops

Knowledge Transfer

Rely on our experienced sustainability consultants as guides to bridge any knowledge gaps.

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KPI Calculations

Identify and calculate performance indicators critical to your sustainability objectives.

data integration

Data Integration

Implement advanced systems for real-time data integration to enhance accuracy and save time.


SAP Sustainability Footprint Management

Automatically calculates the entire life cycle carbon footprint of individual products, and across the entire value chain.

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Sustainability Advisory Services

Transform your business with the right sustainability advice to unlock insights across reporting requirements, compliance, and regulatory disclosures.

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Sustainability Performance

Create a single point of truth for environmental, social, and economic activities and initiatives. Unlock the power of data to record, report, and act on all your sustainability goals. Depending on your focus, we can tailor our services to your precise need

Define Your Sustainability Objectives

Ready to unravel the sustainability topic? Our multi-disciplinary team of experts can help you navigate regulations, define data requirements, and implement efficient reporting to manage your sustainability objectives.

Our Approach

  • Strong Emphasis on Collaboration
  • Focus on Tangible Value
  • Prioritize Clear Communication & Timely Delivery
  • Flexible & Adaptable to Your Needs
  • Continual Investment in Knowledge & Training

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We love a problem. And looking for better ways to solve operational issues is why we exist. Technology can help, but knowing how to get the most out of technology is where we excel. You can read more about our approach to creating solutions for sustainability.

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