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Unique Digital Customer Experience for Insurance

SAP Financial Services Accelerator

Digital Customer Engagement
for the Insurance Industry

SAP Commerce Cloud Financial Services Accelerator (FSA) is an SAP Commerce Cloud extension for direct insurers looking to develop a streamlined, seamless, and personalized customer experience. Get started immediately with configurable processes, reference integrations, and sample products specifically for the insurance industry.

Finding Carrier

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Product Discovery

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Agent Conversion

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Issue Policy

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Change Policy

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Manage Claim

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Renew Insurance

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Key Capabilities
and Value Drivers


Improved Experience

Omni-channel digital platform featuring self-service customer portal and video connection with process guiding framework.


Accelerate Digitization

Connectors and open FS integration to core insurance systems for validation, pricing information exchange, and underwriting.


Broaden Service Offerings

Product discovery, needs analysis, product configuration, product bundling (beyond insurance) and product deployment, group policy.


Increase Productivity

FSI process and product templates including anonymous quote, quote to policy lifecycle including cancelation, reversal, and amendments.


Reach more Customers

Enabling various business models and product deployments imbedded in various 3rd party processes and systems.

One-Stop Shop
for Customers

The insurance carrier helps fill in the form step-by-step and guides the customer to enter data piece by piece. In the process, the customer discovers and configures products and gathers all the details about the product. Customers can stop and resume the process at any point in time.


Quotation-as-a-Service enables point exposure of product, coverage and quotation object to any external 3rd party who can consume it as part of the product configuration, quotation process, check-out, loan initiation, etc.

Pit Stop

Self-service experience in insurance enables an insured person or claimant to get all the information they need and perform or initiate action at any time, using an app or desktop or connecting to insurance carrier’s people directly via video conference.

First Notice
of Loss

FNOL enables convenient, easy and fast information capture about incurred incidents and losses and facilitates timely communication regarding all process steps and documentation in resolving the settlement.


Combining msg global’s solution knowledge of FSA with SYNCPILOT’s product Live Contract, we provide new capabilities to guide customers from a self-service into an interactive buying experience to accomplish better conversion rates.

Customer Journey

Be more than an Insurance Company - build a high-value ecosystem around your customers to differentiate yourself from the competition. Our Customer Experience platform can help you to shape a personalized ecosystem with 3rd party providers. Make a difference and choose our engagement platform to support your future customers experience.

A Typical Customer Journey for Insurance

More FSA

Turn anonymous into a known, happy & loyal customer using SAP Commerce Cloud Financial Services Accelerator. Empower them to find and discover the right product. Guide them through an intuitive quotation process and allow them to seamlessly turn their quote into a policy. Enable customers to manage personal data, policies, claims, payments, and communication anytime and anywhere.​

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