msg global POINT OF VIEW

msg global POINT OF VIEW

07/12/19 | Christoph Knapp

Digital Transformation, IoT & Technology, Innovation Management, Insurance, General Business Topics

Your insurance is now about you

With the trend for usage-based auto insurance on the rise, are the policyholders aware of the ways in which UBI performs its magic on how insurance is paid for?

06/06/19 | Louise Cooke

Finance Transformation, Insurance, Reinsurance

Using the Baseline-Delta Approach for IFRS 17 - what does it really mean?

Whether you have one accounting standard or fifty, the Baseline Delta Approach could be the key to a more efficient close process.

06/03/19 | Christoph Knapp

IoT & Technology, Innovation Management, Insurance, General Business Topics

Telematics and the Internet of Things: Insurance technology that would have amazed George Jetson

Would George Jetson be surprised how far technology has come in improving our ability to gather data and to use it for specific and pragmatic purposes like … driving?

04/22/19 | Aykut Tellibayraktar

Digital Transformation, Finance Transformation, Innovation Management, General Business Topics

Boost Profitability in the Retail Industry

SAP’s Profitability and Performance Management solution simplifies retail-specific profitability and cost calculations.

12/13/18 | Louise Cooke

Finance Transformation, Insurance, Reinsurance

Looking Back to Look Forward

With the new release SAP S/4HANA Financial Products Subledger, it is time to reflect on some of the questions asked around this innovative solution.

11/18/18 | Vandana Sharma

Insurance, Reinsurance

Straight Lines

Is there a single end-to-end processing platform for insurers, reinsurers, and captives? You just found it.

10/22/18 | Vandana Sharma

Insurance, Reinsurance

Transparent Advantages

Get a clearer picture of your reinsurance operations with the world’s leading reinsurance solution. Vandana Sharma shares the advantages of SAP for Reinsurance.

10/09/18 | Arturo Palacios

Finance Transformation, Insurance

Out On a Ledger

We can help you ease the pain of ever-changing accounting regulations.

08/31/18 | Louise Cooke

Finance Transformation, Insurance

Insurance Accounting Simplified with SAP Financial Products Subledger

SAP S/4HANA Financial Products Subledger provides a new approach to multi-valuation insurance accounting to create a more streamlined close process.

08/07/18 | Peter de Bruijne

Digital Transformation, Pensions

Hope For the EU Pension System

The EU pension system continues to evolve.