Part 2: SAP Embrace Deep Dive & the Extended Partnership

03/04/21 | Christian Lechner

Part 2: The SAP and Microsoft Partnership

Blog Author:Christian Lechner

Christian Lechner | Solution Architect & Cloud Guide

Dr. Christian Lechner is a Principal IT Consultant at msg systems ag focused on designing and developing innovative solutions in the SAP and Microsoft ecosystem. Working with Microsoft Azure, the Power Platform, and Microsoft365, he creates extensions to SAP solutions that increase automation and foster innovation. Christian’s work allows him to bring together his enthusiasm for cloud-native and serverless computing with his extensive SAP ecosystem experience. 

An SAP Mentor Alumnus and community addict, he likes to share his knowledge and discuss cloud-native topics in and outside of the SAP sphere. 

Christian is an SAP Press Author and spokesperson of the “Development” special interest group and the “SAP Cloud Platform Forum” for the DSAG (German-speaking SAP user group). 

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