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Inspired by a test kitchen, at Cookhouse Labs, we create and facilitate a global innovation community to tackle business challenges through collaboration and co-creation with our Unified Innovation Program.


A physical and virtual innovation lab is the perfect starting point to develop new products and services. Experiment and develop a new digital experience based on the most viable products in a short time.


Cookhouse Labs is a hub for organizations to conceive original ideas, merge concepts, and experiment with innovative prototypes and designs.


To make the Future better, Cookhouse Labs brings together some of the best thinkers and empowers them to bring forth the future today.


The services we offer focus on providing our community with the tools needed to move from ideas to innovation. With four key service pillars: Strategy, Enable, Concept, and Implement you will have everything you need to realize groundbreaking ideas and create value for your customers and stakeholders.



Academia. We collaborate with global universities and colleges to connect young talent with clients.

Startups. Network with emerging startups and discover trends at exclusive events. 

Vendors. Collaborate with leaders like Apple, GM, SAP, and IBM. 

Tools. Access our innovation tools for systematic planning, data analysis, and efficient execution.



Crowd Sourcing. Tastemakers® a platform to source innovative ideas across silos.

Ideathon. A competitive event for larger teams with timed rounds for solving challenges through innovation and ideation.

Innovation Sessions. Navigate complex problem-solving using methods like Design Thinking, Lego® Serious Play®, and Lean Startup.

Architectural Design. An approach that creates a fluid environment for innovation, experimentation, and implementation.



Masterclasses. Access our masterclasses on cutting-edge techniques like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Train the Trainer, and more.

Meetups. Our innovation meetups foster networking, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and growth in a supportive community.

Coaching. Our certified innovation coaches empower individuals and teams to overcome obstacles and navigate with greater effectiveness.

Research. In addition to academia, we partner with research institutes in areas like climate risk, insurance, and technology.



UX/UI Design. Designers bring your ideas to life, from basic mockups to high-quality MVPs.

Rapid Development. Leverage extensive experience and robust development teams to expedite your product creation.

Technical Experts. Access our technical experts for sector-specific support, guidance, and delivery.

Student Bootcamps. Resource constraints? We've got you covered. Our student teams can research or develop solutions in just two days.

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Innovation Masterclasses

Learn from the experts and become one! Spend a day with our certified Innovation experts, learning about the various innovation methodologies you need to master to tackle challenges within your organization!

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a mindset and a process that helps you solve real industry problems by developing customer-focused solutions in a short amount of time. Design Thinking methodologies are already being used in a variety of industries to innovate quickly and channel creativity. Used correctly, Design Thinking saves a significant amount of time and money when launching new products or services.

What to Expect

In this Masterclass you will learn the fundamental concepts of Design Thinking and provide your team with the opportunity to experience the value of its methodologies through engaging, hands-on activities.

  • A full walkthrough of the Design Thinking methodology, as perfected by researchers at Stanford
  • Elevate your team’s approach to business problems with a human-centric approach that drives better results
  • Identify how you can use Design Thinking in a variety of industries to solve essential challenges
  • Learn to ask the right questions to uncover valuable customer insights
  • Create concrete problem statements that highlight the real customer needs to be addressed
  • Use takeaways from this Masterclass to facilitate your own internal Design Thinking Sprints


What is Lean Startup?

Lean Startup is a methodology that supports the development of products, services and businesses, and teaches how to achieve this development within a short period. The process includes fundamentals of Design Thinking and defines a new way to start and launch a business and/or product.s.

What to Expect

In this training, your team will learn how to use a variety of entrepreneurial tools and processes to turn business ideas into products and solutions.

  • Understand Lean Startup and learn how to use the methodology in your business
  • Become equipped to quickly and cheaply launch products customers really want
  • Identify the steps needed to apply the methodology
  • Learn how to map out the process for a business or a product
  • Re-define how to prepare, experiment and present the start of a new idea
  • Learn how to measure success while using the method


What are Design Tools?

All designers have special toolkits full of the best applications to design graphics, animations, web, and mobile applications. These tools are used to create stunning visuals that convey a business or product idea to key decision-makers, helping them better envision the concept that is being pitched to them. But with so many options available today, which one is the best to help you sell your idea?

What to Expect

Take your Design Thinking knowledge to the next level with this Design Tools Masterclass! Through hands-on activities, you will develop your own low-fidelity mockup of a real business solution for your organization.

  • Identify the best design tool needed for your project
  • Learn how to compare between the many tools at hand
  • Try the most efficient and popular tools available
  • Experience the steps involved in bringing your idea to life, from sketches to low-fidelity prototypes
  • Create a prototype of a real business idea from your organization, using your preferred design tool
  • Receive feedback on the spot from our UX/UI Design expert


What is Train the Trainer?

Add new styles of facilitating, communicating, presenting, and telling stories to engage your project participants. Our certified innovation experts and coaches who have helped organizations around the world will share best practices and provide tips on how to succeed in innovation and overcome organizational challenges.

What to Expect

Take advantage of the opportunity to allow your organization’s innovation coaches, managers and leaders to expand their knowledge on the topic and learn new skills and tips from our Innovation Coaches. This masterclass will focus on collaboration, allowing us to collaborate with your teams and share the tools and methodologies we use, the way we coach and interact, and the style we implement in our innovation sprint experiences.

  • Identify your preferred facilitation and coaching style and learn ways to flex said styles
  • Learn best practices and add new exercises and tools to your own selection
  • Review the art of giving feedback and telling a story
  • Learn skills that you can use to motivate and inspire
  • Define your next version of you as an innovation coach and facilitator
  • Be part of a community of innovation coaches and facilitators present to support each other


innovation sprint icon

Innovation Sprints

Our bespoke Innovation Sprints are designed to guide you through the complex process of problem-solving and creating new ideas using a human-centered innovation approach.

What is Corporate Innovation Strategy?

In just 5 days, your innovation team will build an innovation plan that is ready to be implemented. The team will decide on specific goals and the ways for the organization to reach these goals. The key decision-makers select one of the blueprints created, and this blueprint finally executed at the end of the Sprint.

What to Expect

In this training, your team will learn how to use a variety of entrepreneurial tools and processes to turn business ideas into products and solutions.

  • A unique collaboration between different departments within your organization!
  • Faster-than-normal decision making for executives and key stakeholders
  • An innovation blueprint that will be tested and validated during the Sprint
  • Clearly defined KPIs to help you measure the success of your action plan
  • Constant support and guidance from our certified Innovation experts
  • solution worth investing your innovation budget in


What is a Design Thinking Sprint?

A Design Thinking Sprint solves a business challenge and follows a detailed step-by-step process that allows participants to ideate, design, develop, and test solutions using a human-centered approach. This process produces customer-focused solutions by encouraging participants to empathize with customers via in-depth interviews. Design Thinking Sprints drive fast decision-making and prototyping of solutions that are tested and validated before the week ends.

What to Expect

Our certified Innovation Experts will support you every step of the way, providing valuable information on the Design Thinking methodology and the right tools to help drive long-term results.

  • Guidance from our certified Innovation Coach, Innovation Strategy Expert, and our Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Real validation of your idea before the end of the project
  • Rapid prototyping of your solution for you to present to key stakeholders
  • Pre-configured Innovation Collaboration Tools for the project and our Tech Support on standby
  • 3 months’ access to Joolia (our Virtual Innovation Assistant) and Tastemakers (our crowdsourcing platform)
  • A specially designed infographic after the project to summarize the week and your results


What is Art of Probable?

An innovative service that goes beyond the realm of what can be done by emphasizing what should be done, empowering organizations to unlock untapped possibilities and implement realistic and impactful solutions based on a deep understanding of their needs and goals.


Learn more

What is a Design Corporate Ideathon?

A Corporate Ideathon is a competitive event with a fixed time limit to solve a specific real-world business problem. The business challenge is typically announced at the beginning of the Hackathon. Internal and/or external participants form teams that race to build winning cases and present their final solutions to a panel of key decision makers at the end of the event.

What to Expect

Our team of Innovation experts will provide the right guidance on methodologies and tools to achieve best results.

  • Support from our certified Innovation Coach and our Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Pre-configured Innovation Collaboration Tools for the project and our Tech Support on standby
  • 3 months’ access to Joolia (our Virtual Innovation Assistant) and Tastemakers (our crowdsourcing platform)
  • A team-building opportunity that connects participants from different departments, promoting a team-oriented culture within your organization
  • A number of impressive solutions to evaluate at the end of the project
  • Choose to involve participants from different locations, increasing brand exposure


What is a Digital CX Ideation?

A Digital CX Sprint focuses on your digital experience from the customers’ perspective and will help you to understand where you do not meet their expectations. Together with your team we will create empathy maps, personas and map out the current digital customer journey to formulate your specific challenges and ideate solutions to create a positive experience. Using customer insights, you will evaluate and prioritize the solution ideas to make informed decisions on which ideas you want to build.

What to Expect

In this sprint, your team will explore various ways to improve your current digital experience by harnessing the power of Design Thinking.

  • Support from our certified Innovation Coaches, UX/UI Designers and CX Experts from msg global
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your current customer journey and how to turn bad experiences into good ones
  • A unique collaboration between different departments within your organization
  • Real validation of your idea with aligned criteria set
  • Keep high motivation of your employees to deliver a constant stream of new business ideas by managing idea lifecycle
  • A team-building opportunity that connects participants from different departments, promoting a team-oriented culture within your organization
  • Several impressive solutions to evaluate at the end of the project


innovation tools icon

Innovation Tools

Whether you need to design your innovation program, ideate with your team, or connect with some of the brightest minds from around the world, we have the right tools to cover all your innovation needs!

What is 1-on-1 Innovation Coaching?

Innovation coaching is designed specifically in mind for innovators. A session specifically designed to support innovation managers, team members and/or innovation leaders in your organization. The session will focus on the key aspects of innovation and our coach will share tips, ideas, and techniques that you can put to use the same day to maximize your skills to become a more innovative, motivational, inspiration and innovation leader/team member.

How does coaching work?

You will meet with your innovation coach in a private, safe setting that invites you to share what it is you feel you need most support or clarity on to help you feel more confident and comfortable using the innovation methodologies and strategies. Session will be booked on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and coach will share insights, observations, and feedback. To maintain accountability, you and your coach will define a goal to work towards and will have regular check-ins to ensure your progress is being met, tracked, and measured.

What to expect.

A safe space to share anything that is creating uncertainty or blocking the creative mind.

  • Clarity about next steps to make the necessary shifts to improve style of leading, facilitating innovation sessions/sprints.
  • Accountability and measuring progress increase the motivation that is then passed on to my team or other team members.
  • Increase in creativity and productivity.
  • Improved communication styles.
  • Better understanding about empathylistening skills and techniques that can be used daily.


What is Tastemakers Crowdsourcing Platform?

Tastemakers is a community-led innovation ideation platform. In just 5 days, your innovation team will build an innovation plan that is ready to be implemented. The team will decide on specific goals and the ways for the organization to reach these goals. The key decision-makers select one of the blueprints created, and this blueprint finally executed at the end of the Sprint.

What is Tastemakers?

Anyone can join our Tastemakers network of diverse and innovative minds. We provide a steady supply of challenges from a wide variety of categories, and the next challenge our community tackles could be yours!


Tastemakers, powered by Cookhouse Labs, is a community-led innovation ideation platform. Innovate faster and better to solve the toughest problems.

  • Connect with a community of global innovators in the first crowdsourcing platform in the insurance world.
  • Frequent challenges for our community to tackle, allowing your teams to sharpen their innovation skills while having fun!
  • Shape the future of the industry by ideating high-impact solutions with other community members.


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Our Unified Innovation Program provides tailored innovation services to help your organization de-risk innovation, overcome the obstacles of the innovation process, and guide you to a successful outcome.

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