Mining Simplicity: SAP FS-PER and HANA

12/20/17 | Nuno Guimaraes

Mining Simplicity: SAP PaPM and HANA

Blog Author:Nuno Guimaraes

Nuno Guimaraes | Global Product Director

Nuno Guimaraes is a Global Product Director at msg global solutions. Nuno has a diverse strategic consulting background with more than 10 years of experience in different continents always dedicated to SAP Financial Solutions. Nuno enjoys innovative solution and product design while cultivating a team environment. In Q3 2011 after two nominations, Nuno was awarded the SAP Quarterly Most Valuable Player (QMVP ) for team coordination and outstanding performance. Nuno’s experience and hands-on attitude allow him to dive deep into problems to create winning solutions for our clients. 

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