Demographic changes, the consequences of climate change, globalized markets and new regulatory requirements are just some of the challenges internationally active reinsurers have to face. To overcome these challenges, they require standardized, flexible IT systems that can be used all over the world and that cover the varied requirements and business processes in reinsurance within a clearly defined general business logic understanding.

Comprehensive Reinsurance Expertise
  • Financials

    • Transparency
    • Efficient Capital Allocation
    • Reporting and Analysis
    • GL Integration
  • Reinsurance Management

    • Underwriting Management
    • Life and Non-Life Treaty and Facultative Admin
    • Claims Management
    • Retrocession
  • Accounting

    • Billing & Payments
    • Automated Treaty
    • Analytical Tools
    • Forecasting and Estimation
    • Asset Management
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Innovation is in our DNA and this is especially true in the area of Reinsurance. As co-innovation partner to SAP, the solution preferred by leading reinsurers worldwide, we are well qualified to guide reinsurers through the process of installing, upgrading and/or enhancing a reinsurance system or supporting module.
  • Actuarial Consulting
  • Business Process Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • End-to-End Processing
  • Finance Transformation
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Migration Consulting
  • Project Management
Reinsurance Solutions
  • Data Exchange msg.XDI
  • Facultative Risk Underwriting msg.PUMA
  • Life Reinsurance Management msg.LRM
  • Accelerated Interfacing and Migration msg.AIM
  • Dashboarding msg.RBI
  • Policy Cesson and Retrocession msg.RAM
  • Reinsurance Management SAP FS-RI Basis
  • Reinsurance Risk Management SAP FS-RI Risk Manager nL
  • TAI Core
  • TAI Insights
  • Underwriting Frontend msg.UWF
Analytics Solutions
  • Business, Planning & Consolidation SAP BPC
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse SAP BW
  • Internet of Things Analyzer msg.IoTA
  • Reinsurance Analytics msg.Reporting-Realtime
  • Reinsurance Reporting msg.Reporting
  • SAP Business Objects BI
  • SAP Business Objects Data Services
Application Management
  • SAP Solution Manager
Business Solutions
  • Claims Management SAP FS-CM
  • Collections & Disbursements FS-CD
  • Financial Accounting & Control SAP FI/CO
  • Financial Asset Management SAP FAM
  • Incentive & Commissions Management SAP FS-ICM
  • Insurance Data Modeling SAP Insurance Analyzer
  • Regulatory Reporting SAP Solvency Management for Insurance
Customer Solutions
  • SAP CRM / C4C
  • SAP Hybris Commerce
  • SAP Hybris Marketing
Data Migration & Batch Interfacing Solutions
  • Accelerated Interfacing & Migration msg.AIM
Product Management Solutions
  • Product Analysis Workbench msg.PAW
Life Reinsurance

msg.LRM (Life Reinsurance Module) is a mature software solution developed for the management of life and health reinsurance in insurance and reinsurance companies. Flexibility, maximum automation of processes and support of manual operations are the basic principles of the system. Integration with other SAP modules and connection to customer-specific programs guarantee a seamless data flow. Our comprehensive reinsurance solution is constantly advanced, driven by market changes and the business needs of our customers.

A Visual Overview of SAP for Reinsurance
Learn how SAP FS-RI covers the complete reinsurance life cycle and how a strong implementation partner can add to your success.
Life Reinsurance Module by msg
The Life Reinsurance Module (msg.LRM) is incorporated into the SAP environment, and guarantees continuous data flow from policy, application and claims administration to the general ledger.
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