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Managing reinsurance contracts can be frustrating. Hundreds of manual spreadsheets to process claims, calculate loss reserves and prepare simple reports. Obtaining timely critical business insights to properly manage your reinsurance is no longer optional in today’s business environment. This is where SAP S/4 HANA Insurance for reinsurance management comes into play, to deliver a highly flexible end-to-end reinsurance environment that leading companies have been relying on since 1987. 

Now offered in the cloud or on-premise, SAP S/4HANA Insurance for reinsurance management supports life and non-life, ceded and assumed contracts with a high degree of automation for premiums, loss reserves, commission calculation, claims processing and reporting. 

As developers, msg global is uniquely positioned to understand the complex reinsurance landscape and provide implementation consulting.

A Visual Overview of Reinsurance Management

Learn how SAP S/4HANA Insurance for reinsurance management covers the complete reinsurance life cycle and how a strong implementation partner like msg global can add to your success with an innovative reinsurance software solution.

Design to Go-Live in Under Six Months

msg global offers an accelerated template-based implementation for SAP S/4HANA Insurance for reinsurance management including: SAP Business Partner, SAP FS-RI basic system, SAP FS-CD,  SAP FI-GL, Schedule F and highly flexible reporting possibilities using modern SAP HANA based technologies. Our approach allows for design to delivery in five to seven months with approximately 500 person-days for the project.

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"We are very thankful to msg global for their contribution that allowed the achievement of our project goals in a timely manner."

Sandro Anselmi, Head of Reinsurance
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A Comprehensive Reinsurance Solution

SAP Reinsurance Management is a flexible, integrated solution that supports all reinsurance business processes. And as the co-innovation development partner for the solution, msg global is uniquely qualified to guide companies through the implementation process.

  • Reinsurance Management

    • Underwriting Management
    • Life/Non-Life Treaty & Facultative Admin
    • Contract Renewal and Termination
    • Claims Management
    • Retrocession
  • Reinsurance Accounting

    • Billing & Payments
    • Automated Treaty
    • Analytical Tools
    • Forecasting and Estimation
    • Asset Management
  • Reinsurance Reporting

    • Accessible & Transparent Information
    • Efficient Capital Allocation
    • Reinsurance Analytics
    • GL Integration
    • Schedule F Automation
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