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When you take on any implementation you want to make sure to follow a tried and tested approach. One that will lead to success in the quickest way possible. If you haven’t guessed by now – msg global can provide that approach. Thanks to our experience with SAP implementations we developed a prebuilt methodology that will increase your overall success with SAP PaPM. This methodology has a proven track record of success. Its repeatable steps reflect mastery of the process and ensure consistency. And it enables all of the participants in the implementation process to be engaged in and to understand each step in that process. 

Along with our implementation experience, we also have the advantage of knowing SAP PaPM intimately, because we supported the team that developed it. That advantage constitutes knowing the needs of our clients, leveraging the knowledges of the development team, and transferring the knowledge we continue to acquire with our clients.

Learn By Doing to Gain Quick Value

Along with ensuring consistency, the purpose of our implementation approach is to help you quickly deploy SAP PaPM. The samples and templates we provide allow our clients to rapidly ramp up new projects and to scale their own delivery capabilities as their knowledge of SAP PaPM grows. We help you learn by doing so you can develop in-house expertise.

Purpose of the Implementation Methodology

Deliver SAP PaPM implementations according to the same proven structure and with the same consulting material.

Benefits Provided:

  • Accelerator for ramp up of new projects
  • Consistent high quality of delivery using proven templates
  • Opportunity to scale up the delivery capability as knowledge is multiplied

Components of the Implementation Methodology

Four Key Phases

  • Delivery activities and descriptions to support implementation phases
  • Packaged slides with sample documents and checklists
  • Estimation and controlling sheets for projects
  • Detailed project plan for the first 30 days of a PaPM implementation

SAP Activate Phases Adapted for SAP Profitability and Performance Purposes

SAP Profitability and Performance Management Activate Phases

Agile Methodology

  • refers to software development with iterative (sprint) builds, with each build improving based on the lessons from the previous build (sprints).  
  • focuses on solutions and requirements through collaboration between cross-functional teams
  • provides faster delivery value with greater predictability and aptitude to respond to change

1. Iterative

Following an iterative design processes allows for a continuous cycle for project deliverables in short stages which can be formulated from requirements, tested against desired results and evaluated for accuracy, and then rinsed and repeated for the next build iteration.

2. People Centric

Communication and interaction between self-organized teams allows for a quicker build of trust between all team members and allows all parties involved to have true transparency on each iteration.

3. Focus

The team involved is able to concentrate on one deliverable at a time, instead of having to juggle multiple deliverables at once.  The success of each deliverable brings with it a new iteration for the next build on top of the previous one. 


4. Cross Functional Teams

The collaboration of cross-functional teams throughout the iterative cycles of the projects allows for a better understanding of the deliverables and allows for quicker changes on processes that may not be working.  

5. Constant Learning

The smaller life cycles for each sprint phase allows for a quicker recognition in the event the current approach is not successful.   Learning faster by foreseeing results quicker allows reduced risks while moving forward and allows processes to be improved and adjusted

6. Adaptive Planning

Evaluation of the sprints successes or failures allows for an adaption to changes in the project.   Framework for each iteration will be adjusted based on the results from the previous one. 

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