Common Need, Common Safety

08/02/17 | Igor Grubisic

Common Need, Common Safety

Blog Author:Igor Grubisic

Igor Grubisic | Head of Global Mission Support

Igor is the Head of Global Mission Support, a unit responsible for the coordination and delivery of managed services worldwide. He joined msg global in 2015, as the delivery center manager for data management. In this role, Igor managed a highly specialized cross-industry consulting team responsible for the SAP in-memory database, overall data management and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.

Prior to joining msg, Igor worked for SAP as a Financial Services Consultant and Technical Quality Manager and was responsible for several large engagements, including a 9.5M USD Bank of America license, as well as the quality assurance of the SAP landscape during the merger of Dresdner and Commerzbank in Germany. 

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