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Policy Administration System for Life Insurance

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


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Policy Management

The upgradeable standard software msg.Life Factory is a policy administration system that features cutting-edge actuarial and financial models with flexible processes.

Sales Platform

msg.Life Factory enables innovative products to be introduced quickly and all business processes to be carried out with great efficiency for individual and group business.

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msg.Life Factory
What does it Look Like?

msg.Life Factory provides a modern, service-oriented system architecture based on cloud technology supporting various business models, from back-office processing to a portal-based B2C approach.

Fast Time to Market

Short time to market for innovative product ideas.

Flexible Architecture

CCC architecture (core, country, customer) for customization in line with standards.

Cloud Ready

Available as a cloud or SaaS solution. Meets all legal requirements as well as on-premise and cloud security requirements.

Policy Migration

Standardized, AI-supported policy migration process.


Covers all business processes and product models with sample content for all popular product families.

Modular Structure

High degrees of automation and prefabrication for efficient contract administration.

Life Insurance Operations

Preconfigured I-Suite Life expansion for complete insurance operations in the life segment.


Continuous delivery makes responding quickly to market trends or legal requirements possible.

SAP Tailored
To Your Needs

While transformation can be overwhelming, a step-by-step approach can get you on the right track. The key to success is identifying the best solutions and advisors to develop your end-to-end strategy. SAP technology is the best place to start.

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SAP FPSL Eco Delivery

Packaged Content Solutions

Proven Best Practice Solutions for E2E Implementations

SAP FPSL Enablement Workshops

Consulting Expertise

Technical & Functional Project Consulting Support and AMS

SAP FPSL Team Houston

Program Accelerators

Solutions Developed to Accelerate Different Project Phases

SAP FPSL Application Management Services

Enablement Programs

Tailored Training Programs for Project Teams & End Users

SAP FPSL Application Management Services

Technical System Services

Landscape Setup System Installation & BASIS Support

Your Journey

Legacy to modernization is a step-by-step approach instead of a big-bang end-to-end migration. Looking for quick wins that create real value separates you from ongoing legacy conversion. A truly integrated platform allows for rapid innovation in the places with the most impact giving you the freedom to map the best approach to transformation.

Our Transformation Approach

  •  Step-by-step Migration
  •  Quick Win Projects
  •  Integrated Systems
  •  Rapid Incubation
  •  Innovate Now Not Later

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msg.Life Factory

Operating from offices across the globe, our expert teams help clients achieve operational efficiency and improve decision-making capabilities.


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Map your best route to digitized operations. We’ll help you understand the options and prioritize the steps that will give you the greatest returns in the least amount of time. 

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