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Achieve your sustainability objectives

Are you ready to address sustainability needs and ensure that your company complies with upcoming regulations? We are ready to support you on your journey to achieve sustainability objectives. Add real value to your organization's general performance taking the right decisions when it comes to sustainability topics. A symmetric and balanced relation between economic, social, environmental needs to be achieved by corporations.

Manage your reporting, compliance and disclosure needs in one recognized international prestigeous solution, that will be implemented within your company’s framework, by addressing all ESG factors.

Fuel, energy, water, waste, carbon footprint, consumption.

Equality, impact on society, diversity, inclusion, and labor performance, human rights

Compliance, bribery, transparency, stakeholder’s relations.

ESG Management and Reporting

Built-in flexible data model
  • Built-in flexible data model that allows modification and adaptation to ever developing standards and implementations of corporate specific KPI’s
Improve ESG-scores
Identify and address risk-spots

Regulatory ESG Disclosure

Assess EU Taxonomy
  • Assess EU Taxonomy at a company level to establish whether an activity can be considered environmentally sustainable.
Report the investments

Product Carbon footprint

Evaluate scopes and emissions
  • Evaluate GHG Scopes 1, 2, 3 and applicable non GHG-emissions and impacts.
Run calculations
Built-in Simulation capabilities

Benefits: Let Us Help You Move Forward


  • Scale, Variety and Complexity of Data Sources
  • Complex Organizational Structures with Different Stakeholders
  • Traceability and Audibility of Process
  • Complicated Analysis of the Impact of Sustainability Initiatives
  • Everchanging Regulations


  • End-to-End Data Processing Automation
  • Suitable for Both Centralized or Decentralized Implementations
  • Full Traceability and Audibility from Record to Report
  • Simulation and What-If Analysis of the Impact of Sustainability Initiatives
  • Flexibility to Adapt to the Regulatory Changes

Your Fast Track to Better Performance.

Achieve your sustainability targets with fast, actionable insights into data. Transition from manual activities into automated processes, while maintaining traceabillity and full audit trail. Learn how the SAP Profitability and Performance Management application provides a framework to power sustainability reporting.

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Our industry experts will work with you to help you address sustainability related KPIs to ensure you know where you stand and can act to become better.

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