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Finance Transformation

Is it time to modernize your operational systems?

Let's map out a new future.

Improve the data, the accuracy, and the timeliness of your financial operations, and you improve your business outcomes. Easier said than done. Legacy systems are always an issue. Old habits die hard. And the pace of change makes it difficult to know the best way to tackle your challenges. 

What to do? Start with a bigger picture. 

Financial transformation is more than devising new ways to collect and analyze data. It’s about recognizing current constraints and looking beyond them to better outcomes. It’s about open minds, new approaches, and strategic applications of technology. And like digitalization, financial transformation is about gradual, methodical approaches.

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Real Transformative Outcomes

2019 10 08 1Big Data. The greater the data volume, the more processing power required for meaningful and actionable analytics. Go deep, with a system that can handle your lowest level of granular data. 

2019 10 08 2Better System Performance. Slow processing hinders performance. SAP S/4HANA in-memory database makes real-time information accessible to enable better decision-making.

2019 10 08 2Central Control. One data repository. One source of truth. Real-time collaboration. Means proper care & feeding of the ledger. Now that's transformative.

2019 10 08 2System Integration. Integrating and interfacing with other systems and data sources increases efficiency and productivity. Make it easy with solutions and methodologies that support a holistic approach.

2019 10 08 1Manage Growth. Real-time product modeling, streamlined processes, and centralized operations let you make, monitor, measure, and manage business growth.

2019 10 08 2IT Independence. Your business users own, create, and manage their own processes with user-friendly interfaces that yield better information and workflows.

2019 10 08 2Flexible Analytics. Make "death by spreadsheet" a thing of the past. Spreadsheets, manual processes, and convoluted workarounds can be replaced with integrated analytics and real-time what-if scenarios.

2019 10 08 2Streamlined Regulatory Reporting. An integrated platform with a central data repository streamlines reporting while making it easier to ensure regulatory compliance and transparency.

Key Solutions for Finance Transformation

Identifying the best solutions and advisors to help navigate the road ahead is the key to success. We believe SAP's smart, flexible general ledger system is the foundation for any long-term transformation effort. As an SAP development partner, we work on the front lines to develop sustainable solutions. Drawing on years of consulting experience and industry best practices, we strive to mitigate cost and formulate plans for rapid implementations.

Here are the solutions that we consider to be the best place to start when evaluating any finance transformation.

Creating a Central Subledger for Finance Transformation

The challenges financial institutions face today are beyond the scope of any single software solution. The role of the finance organization itself is changing. From a reporting factory to the core business unit that generates, preserves, and delivers enterprise-wide strategic value.

Learn how msg global views the financial subledger as a core component of financial transformation.

Take Your Time

Your organization’s business and finance operations didn’t become dated overnight. But that doesn't preclude the prospect of incremental progress. The best place to start is almost always at the beginning.

There’s no one, perfect way for every organization to achieve financial transformation. But there is a perfect way for each organization. And msg global solutions will help you find yours.

We can help you:

  • Define your objectives
  • Identify the impediments to achieving them
  • Determine the best way to overcome both technical and/or operational issues
  • Develop a plan to get you where you want to be

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