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Pension in Changing Times

Pension carriers around the globe are feeling squeezed to radically change their fundamental pension systems as legislators and regulators constantly adjust the attractiveness of second- and third-pillar retirement provisions to accommodate changing demographic profiles and economic conditions. The application of these changes and requirements of the financial services industry demand a flexible and scalable solution for pension carriers’ operations, in particular their IT infrastructures, to support their daily business and reporting obligations.

Challenges in the Pension Industry

As a result of current low interest rates, pension plan sponsors are confronted with rising premiums and reduced profits on long-term investments. Administration costs are also increasing due to inflexible systems scattered over multiple sources that do not provide the real-time information needed in today’s market.

Pension providers need to continually adjust their processes and IT systems to keep pace with market, legislative and regulatory changes. But aged and inflexible IT systems make it costly to launch new pension products, or enhance existing ones by adding individual and risk-based riders. The same also applies to implementing new regulations and legislation, such as an increasing pensionable age. Not to mention the move towards customer-centricity and individualization that motivates employers to provide self-service kiosks to members which provides consumer access to the whole EU through electronic distribution channels.

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Scalable and Flexible Pension Solutions

Are you interested in a well-engineered and modern end-to-end solution for the financial services industry with specific enhancements for the insurance and pension fund segments? We can help you implement solutions that have the scalability to accommodate the growing pension market and the capacity to respond to internal and external changes affecting the delivery of customer value in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

With functionality that includes complete account histories, complete and transparent retention of all journal entries, and the ability to precisely perform retroactive changes (undo/redo), SAP for Insurance provides important capabilities for the business departments that are typically not used by pension carriers today. The solution employs modern technology with a component-based architecture, a centralized product development for cross-platform distribution, and powerful tools for straight-through processing and data migration. The state-of-the-art, open architecture of SAP fully supports the orchestration and automation of process-flows and enables providers the ability to optimize their operations.

As a strategic partner of SAP, msg global solutions provides deep pension-market expertise and offers several add-ons to the SAP for Insurance solution that have been designed specifically for the European Pension Market.

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Financial Services Accelerator (FSA)

Financial Services Accelerator for the SAP Digital Portal Technology facilitates multi-channel marketing requirements in conjunction with commerce requirements, including a common base for any offer calculation out of the core administration in the mid- or back-office. With this portal technology, SAP fully supports the focus on customers, whether they’re employers, employees, or even brokers.

Pension Administration
Analytical Risk & Performance Management

Pension Landscape Based on SAP Platform

Pension Administration Solution Based on SAP Platform

Tailored Product Configuration for Faster Time-to-Market

The pension market is constantly evolving, and pension administrators must have the tools to get new products to market quickly. msg global solutions has developed a tailored product configuration that uses a building-block approach to increase time-to-market and easily convert product testing into product management.   

Product Engine

Products in the msg product engine are assembled by using “building blocks” — reusable, granular components that are used to compose new products. This means that when a product behaves in a similar way as an already implemented product, only the delta needs to be built.

Easy Import to Policy Management
In-Force Business Configurator
Product Module Group

Pension Administration Building-block Approach to Increase Time-to-market

Pension Template for the International Pension Market

msg global solutions can help you develop a solution platform to manage your pension products.

Our template approach allows you to cater to different market segments from individual to group pension plans, both in your domestic as well as international market — all provided by a single platform.

Pension Vehicles & Carriers

As different as pension vehicles and carriers might be from a legal perspective, our solution is tailored to support this variety while enabling the reuse of common functionality.

We can easily accommodate different legal entities with the obligatory separation of customer data and accounting information.

Pension Product Templates
Product Agility
Pension Operations

SAP for Pension Template for the International Pension Market

Upgrade Now to Meet Your Current and Future Pension System Requirements

Could your company benefit from a high-end, state-of-the-art solution to administer current and future pensions — a system to manage short-term changes in legislation on global, European, and regional levels and one that is able to disclose the correct information at the right time to the correct people? And wouldn’t it be competitively advantageous to do so with a maintainable, affordable solution? We have the expertise to get you moving in the right direction and to establish a pension solution that can:

  • Control your pension system on multiple levels
  • Allow for continual change management
  • Provide straightforward processes for simple and efficient pension management
  • Manage multiple plan types (defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid plans), all in one system
  • Handle the adjustments for the Pan-European Personal Pension Product


As an SAP strategic partner, msg global solutions has already established region- and country-specific responses to the demands of the ever-changing pension industry. Below is a select example of recent implementation highlights.

Top Pension Insurer in the Netherlands

Top Pension Insurer in the Netherlands

  • Implementation and integration of an end-to-end SAP solution for core pension insurance processes for DB, DC and hybrid DC products on one instance. 
  • Implementation of immediate annuity and term life insurance products.
  • High-level standard of functionality and automation.

Large APF Carrier in the Netherlands

Large APF Carrier in the Netherlands

  • Hybrid bank & pension (“Banksparen”) implementation on SAP platform
  • Configuration of preceding and subsequent APF investment shift processes (“Doorbeleggen”)
  • Design and implementation of ring-fenced participant administration (“Kringen”)
  • Financial situation calculation and projection at retirement age for participant portal

Largest International Insurance Group in Central and Eastern Europe

Largest International Insurance Group in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Implementation of a Premium Pension product for the Austrian market

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